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Stiles buys dog tags for Isaac as a gag gift for his birthday, one has Isaac’s name engraved and the other says ‘if found please return to Stiles Stilinski’. Isaac never takes them off. Eventually he gets Stiles a matching set that says ‘I am Stiles Stilinski.’



when Isaac and Stiles adopt their first child, a four month old baby girl named emilie, they spend hours and hours baby proofing the house and making sure its safe. Setting up alarm systems- both human and supernatural- is Stiles job while Isaac organises a nightly patrol schedule with Scott (who is dead set on being the coolest uncle a kid could have) and buys baby monitors for nearly every room. If he also stashes one of those teddy bear nanny cams in the nursery, well, who can blame him really, It is Beacon Hills after all.



Stiles marathons Criminal Minds when it gets put up on netflix and even thought Isaac doesn’t like cop shows he watches all 9 seasons with him. They both have a crush on Derek Morgan and have agreed they would not be adverse to a threesome.


daniel sharman + shirtless


when Stiles and Isaac start becoming a ‘thing’, Stiles introduces Isaac to so many things but the biggest one is music. Isaac has never been very in the loop with the whole music scene and has basically been listening to the same four albums since forever, two of which are his mothers old classical records.

for their first official date Stiles shows up with a mixtape and a picnic basket and drives them to the preserve where he makes Isaac listen to the whole mix twice while they snack.


In efforts to actually post to this blog im going to start posting headcanons/AU ideas/general stisaac related nonsense to this page. if anyone has an au or headcanon they’d like to talk more about or if anyone just wants to chat feel free to drop a message in my askbox or something :) i really want to get back into the stisaac fandom ive been missing it.


child of the moon, cursed with a bite